Treble Booster Super

28th April 2023:

Today the boxes for the new batch of Treble Booster Super pedals were screenprinted at Adam’s screenprinting factory. Pre-orders can be placed on my webshop here:

I anticipate having new pedals built and ready to ship by 15th May 2023.

It hardly seems like any time has passed since we screenprinted the last batch of pedals in October 2021.

Thank you to everyone who has bought and enjoyed using the Treble Booster Super pedals!


20th April 2023:

I am currently out of stock of the Treble Booster Super pedals, and recently had around 80 more boxes manufactured and powdercoated in Blaze Blue colour. These are due to be screenprinted at the end of April.

In early May 2023 the Treble Booster Super will be again available to order from the webshop, more info then. Cheers, GF


29th October 2021:

The newly screenprinted Treble Booster Super pedals are now available from my webshop:


13th April 2021:

Danny Rodd has very kindly produced some videos which compare 3 of the new Fryer Treble Boosters: TB Touring, TB Deluxe and TB Super

Danny is playing an Esteban Anderson Red Special guitar and using the Fryer Treble Boosters through a Vox Pathfinder 15W amp


The Treble Booster Super pedal is powered either by 9V battery or 9V Adaptor.

For 9V Adaptor use a Boss style regulated unit with negative centre 2.1mm dia plug, 100ma current capacity minimum.

To order please see:


TB Super soundfiles:

1. From Mark Reynolds in UK using KZ Pro Red Special guitar> Fryer Treble Booster Super> Vox AC30 TBX Tan reissue (with vib-trem and brilliant channel preamp valves removed)> SM57 mic into ProTools. No effects or alterations added to the sound.

Fryer TB Super test

Fryer TB Super test


More soundfiles from Danny Rodd in Mexico:

Danny is using a 2005 Burns Brian May Red Special guitar and TB Super through a Vox Pathfinder R15 amp

2nd Feb 2015:

‘It has been a little difficult for me to upload new videos, but I want
to share with you some of the new that I’ve been uploading.. with
great comments, on the facebook red special groups.

Hope you like them.I’m seriously in love with your Treble Boosters…I WANT THEM ALL.. Really!

I’m SO happy with the sound they give me with my Pathfinder Amp, and
I’m looking forward to repair my Ac30 very soon.

My band and I are preparing a show in March, and I don’t forget to record
a great quality video for youtube.

These clips using Red Special – Super TB – Vox pathfinder 15R with all levels at 0 ,
only using the gain and volume’

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ solo:


1st Dec 2014: Bohemian Rhapsody solo:

TB Super clean tones:

‘White Queen’ passage clean tones:

‘I Want It All’ passage:

Danny playing the new TB Deluxe 2014 prototype and Vox Pathfinder R15:

Final solo from ‘I Want It All’:

Solo from ‘Somebody To Love’:

Just noodling around:

Danny’s comments about his latest soundclip:

‘I was trying today to learn the “Back To The Light” solo, it’s not perfect yet, but I recorded the moment, because I love the way the TB Super sounds with my guitar. I’m getting really crazy about the sound I can get with your pedals, and now I want to have and test it all hahaha!! Soon I will have my AC30 repaired and I will test the pedals with it’

Pt 1:

Pt 2:

A short Youtube clip ‘Someone To Die For’ featuring Burns Red Special, Treble Booster Super, Vox Pathfinder 15R and a Mike Ryde backing track:


Danny Rodd: guitar, pedals and Pathfinder amp

Danny Rodd: guitar, pedals and Pathfinder amp

Danny Rodd guitar, pedals and amp #2


Soundfiles from Mike Ryde in UK:

Treble Booster Super used for all guitar sounds from ‘Flash!’ using Vox AC30 and Deacy Amp

And a guitar-only mix of the same song:

27th Oct 2014 new version and a message from Mike:

‘I’ve tinkered with the mix a little and replaced the main solo with a version played on my AC30 (Arbiter). This is the original solo but I replaced it in the mix I sent you with a version played on the Deacy. I think this version is closer to the original’.

Pics of the gear that Mike used for the recordings:

TB Super and Deacy

TB Super and Deacy

Red Special guitar, Treble Booster Super, Arbiter 70s Vox AC30

Red Special guitar, Treble Booster Super, Arbiter 70s Vox AC30

TB Super and Arbiter 1970s AC30

TB Super and Arbiter 1970s AC30


Soundfiles from Peter Michalowski in Sweden:

‘Lap Of The Gods’ passage showing clean tones through to distorted tones using the TB Super and modified AC30BM amp 17th Nov 2014:

Guyton Red Special>TB Super>3 AC30s

Live performance of Peter’s band 22nd Nov 2014:

Hammer To Fall’ from the soundcheck:

Brighton Rock soundclip from the gig:

Peter’s comments after the gig:

‘Anyway the TB Super booster is THE BOOSTER. I have never EVER had such a brilliant sound over my rig. I was just one click from all way up on the Marshall Power Breaks. What a sweet tone. We did a recording on 24 channels and also filmed it. It will take a few months before we have all this ready’

Here is a clip from a guy using his camera for now. But again WHAT A BOOSTER!!!!!!!!!!’

Gerben van Dooremaal using Peter’s rig at soundcheck before the gig 22nd Nov 2014:

Guyton Red Special>TB Super>3 AC30s soundfile featuring delays:

Youtube clip ‘TB Super demo’ 8th Nov 2014:

Guyton-Fryer Super TB-Line6 G90-Cornish splitter-TC G-Major-3 AC30s

Soundfiles recorded at band rehearsal 27th Oct 2014 comparing the TB Super, KAT mini booster, and TB Deluxe 2014:

Short clips from a band rehearsal:

‘Hammer To Fall’:

‘Lap Of Of The Gods’:

‘Now I’m Here’ outro:

‘Now I’m Here’ from a band rehearsal 22nd October 2014, and pardon the dodgy sound quality of the recording says Peter:

Peter is using an Andrew Guyton Red Special guitar>Fryer TB Super>Line 6 G90 wireless>Pete Cornish 3 way Splitter. From the Splitter one out goes to the dry AC30 TBX, from Splitter output to G-Major 2, then to EbTech HumEliminator, then to a Dave Peterson modded AC30TBX and also to a Fryer modded AC30BM.

Peter Michalowski TB Super on strap

Peter Michalowski TB Super on strap

Peter Michalowski guitar and equipment

Peter Michalowski ‘Guyton’ guitar and AC30

PM gear

PM guitar and amps

PM rack gear

PM rack gear TC G Major2



PM #2

PM #2


YouTube soundclip from Mickael Dansan from France:

Mickael is a guitar maker and is playing a Red Special guitar of his own manufacture though the Treble Booster Super pedal and a Vox AC30HW amplifier

Mickael compares the Pete Cornish TB-83 and the Fryer TB Super, two great quality treble boosters with many similarities to each other and also their own individual characteristic tones:

Mickael Dansan TB Super and Vox AC30

Mickael Dansan: Red Special made by himself, TB Super, THD Hotplate and Vox AC30s


YouTube clips from Luke Timmins in the UK:

Luke’s gear:

Kz Super Guitar
Line 6 G90 Wireless System
Tc Electronic G Major 2
KAT Dual Input Guitar Switcher/Amp Router
Fryer Super TB
3x Vox AC30 C2X

Luke Timmins: Red Special guitars

Luke Timmins: Red Special guitars

Luke Timmins #2

Tuner and TB Super

Tuner and TB Super

Luke Timmins Vox AC30s

Luke Timmins: Vox AC30s

‘Hammer To Fall’ clean tones:

‘One Vision’ distortion tones:

‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ solo:


Soundfiles from Stefan Brucksch in Germany:

Stefan is using the following gear:
Guitar: Fryer/K’Z Brian May Super Red Special fitted with Optima BM Gold strings (played with a sixpence)
Pedalboard: Fryer TB Super treble booster, VOX 847 WahWah, Boss CE 20 stereo Chorus (CE 1 mode), Boss DD 7 stereo delay (Guitar Extravagance)
Amps: Two VOX AD 120 VT amplifiers (VOX AC 30 mode)

Stefan's pedalboard

Stefan’s pedalboard

Stefan’s comments:

‘I have tried the booster with my rig and the first impression was more than great.
The first thing I noticed was a nice and familiar hiss like with my Cornish boosters, great! 😉
The Super TB sounds not to fat and not to thin, great!
The clean tone is nearly the same like with my Cornish TBs. The saturated sound for rhythm guitars is really good and with a nice kind of clarity in it. On full volume the tone is so nice and singing, and powerful for great soloing.
All in all a powerful booster, which sounds very sweet and creamy, but with
a nice clarity too.
It seems, this is the best TB I have ever had to get the right BM vintage tone!!’


More soundfiles from Stefan:

Deep Purple ‘Black Night’ cover:

Queen ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ cover:

Brian May ‘Last Horizon’ (orchestra backing):


Youtube video from Marco Giuseppe Di Marco of Rome, Italy:

‘Today I recorded a little homemade video of the TB Super pedal with my full rig”

Marco is using: Mickael Dansan Red Special guitar, Fryer TB Super, TC electronic Polytune, Dunlop Cry Baby, fOXX Phaser, Boss CE-20, Boss DD-20, Vox AC30 CC2X, Vox AC30 BM.

27th Nov 2014: Marco’s comparison between Fryer TB Touring and Fryer TB Super:

29th Nov 2014: using the TB Super, a little piece of ‘Ogre Battle’ from the album ‘Queen II’

6th Dec 2014: ‘Killer Queen’ solo:

9th Dec 2014: ‘White Queen’ with 2 AC30s and Foxx phaser:

9th Dec 2014: ‘Keep yourself Alive’ with 2 AC30s and Foxx phaser:

15th Dec 2014 ‘Sweet Lady’ guitar part:

Live gig 15th Dec 2014:

‘Hammer To Fall’:

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’:

‘I Want It All’:

‘Tie Your Mother Down’:

‘We Are The Champions’:

Marco’s Facebook page:

Marco #1

Marco with Mickael Dansan Red Special, TB Super, 2  Vox AC30s

Marco's gear

Marco’s gear

Marco Giuseppe di Marco pedalboard

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco pedalboard

Review of the Treble Booster Super pedal by Marco:

“Treble Booster, yeah…its a big part of the BM tone. An important device to get the right ‘scream’ out of the amp….but also a disease! Yes, a disease….a BM fan can’t stop buying each one of them.

With the Greg Fryer’s offer seemed that we had all we needed. Three TB for all the tastes: Touring, Deluxe and Plus. Three great pedals.

Then one day I heard news that a new booster would have been baked by the Australian luthier and guitar tech. The Treble Booster SUPER. I thought: “Great! But what’s new?!”

Here start the story….Greg kindly sent me the prototype of this TB Super; handmade and signed by him. I open the case and find an aluminium box with the labels of the Fryer company and one about the product name. Then I notice two funny reflectors stickers! One of them with a star had on the writing “Amazing”…well, that sticker told the truth.

OK lets try the pedal! I took my Red Special replica, switch on my favorite AC30 and I turn it to the maximum. First strum… my thought: “wow, crispy!” Minutes go on and I try all the different settings on the guitar. From the big full sounds to the gentle parts. All the ‘out of phase’ settings and all the famous licks.

Well shortly I realise that this pedal sounds unique. Really unique! Every TB I had tried had its own strong point…one is creamy, one is clear, one is good for the Out Of Phase setting, one better for a certain BM period, etc…

This one, quite incredibly, can sound creamy and defined at the same time. Its very hot and powerful but even at full volume you can hear the single strings very well! Rolling down the volume it clears the sound giving the characteristic ‘ringing bell’ type of tone; very clear and defined but with a good amount of warmth that make those parts nice and sweet.

Open a little the volume its easily identifiable the moment when the guitar starts to distort but not too much….that magical moment when you’re on the edge of the saturation: the ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ moment! Yeah…that tone is there. The guitar sounds deep and growls every time you hit it with more power.

At full volume its just a pleasure. As I said ‘creamy fat and and crispy’ but with that unique feature of giving an organic and live sound. The feedback is very harmonic and controllable. The AC30 just sings.

With this TB the guitar becomes even more expressive and ‘live’. Probably I fallen in love with this TB because it reminds me the best years of Brian’s tone: from the very late ’70s to the mid ’80s.

To cut a very long story short: this prototype seems to have the best features of every TB I tried. Really hope to see this product in production. You should have to try it!”

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco

24th November 2014


TB Super version 2:

In early December 2014 I made a new version of the Treble Booster Super pedal for Marco Giuseppe Di Marco to try out.

I was aware that Marco’s AC30 CC2X and AC30BM amps are quite bright and hot sounding and hoped that this different version of the TB Super circuit might offer something useful. This pedal’s working title has been the ‘TB Super version 2 Marco’ model. The version 2 circuit has some subtle changes made to a few components in the original TB Super circuit, and these are enough to give the pedal a smoother tonal texture which takes away some of the Rangemaster style treble end of the standard TB Super circuit. These changes also reduce some of the singing harmonics in the guitar sound which some people might not like especially when using older AC30s.

Its a subjective individual thing of course and personally I prefer the sound of the original TB Super a little more for playing through my AC30 – because of the pedal’s greater harmonic content and ‘vintage style’ tone when using that amp. Marco’s comments after initial testing using the new version at live gigs with his AC30s have been very positive and I look forward to having youtube videos clips soon to post up of both his TB Supers in action.

23rd Jan 2015: from Marco:

Greg, here’s the first quick video of the ‘version 2 Marco’ model TB Super. Waiting for a better video with the complete live rig… Little quick test with just one amp at home and the Fryer Super Treble Booster “version 2 Marco”.

4th Feb 2015: ‘this time I’m using the TB Super Marco version on some delay stuff’:

23rd March 2015: ‘just recorded a new vid, only guitar, no backing track…
It’s the solo from ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ …. I’m using the TB Super Marco version straight into the AC30 BM. Hope you like it!’

7th April 2015: live videos from Marco and his band recorded using an iPhone6 on 13th Feb 2015. Because of the small size of the venue Marco says he was using just one amp, the AC30BM

1. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’:

2. ‘Somebody To Love’:

3. ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’:

4. ‘Now I’m Here’:


More soundfiles coming soon