3rd May 2021:

Bob Wegner has kindly sent me an email which contains a very interesting photo of Brian May playing live onstage with Queen on 13th May 1978.

Bob explained: “One more for you, Greg – this is from a 1978 Japanese “Music Life” magazine, taken at Wembley Arena on the last night of the News of the World tour. Here he’s got an EBow in one hand and tremolo arm in the other, doing his impression of a 747 with the Echoplex delay off the top of his solo spot. First good shot I’ve seen of this.” Thanks again Bob!

I have also posted the photo on this page of my website:


19th April 2021:

Yesterday I was going through some photos which had been put away for a while, and found a few from 1998 which I have been meaning for some time to have framed. In August 1998 as I was about to leave Brian May’s Allerton Hill studio and return to Australia, Brian very kindly signed several photos for me.

Bri signed the 2 photos below for myself, and signed the 3rd photo down for my Mum and Dad. Where has the last 23 years gone for heavens sake? Yes its about time they were framed….. some very nice memories to cherish.

PS: the photo was taken by Babz B. Photobabe at the Joe Satriani/ G3 concert at Wembley in July 1998 where Brian made a guest appearance and played my Red Special replica guitar ‘George Burns’.

Brian May and George Burns at G3 Wembley July 1998

Brian May and George Burns at G3 Wembley July 1998

Brian May and George Burns at G3 Wembley July 1998


18th April 2021:

Bob Wegner from Canada has kindly sent me this photo from the ‘Live Killers’ Queen tour  of 1979 which shows Freddie Mercury and Brian May onstage. It shows a good side view of Brian’s live pedalboard at the time.

The picture is dated and credited: “17th January 1979 Hamburg by Werner Baum”. (Please click on image to enlarge)

Lead singer Freddie Mercury (front) in action, to his right guitarist Brian May. The successful British band “Queen” started their tour across Germany in Hamburg on the 17th of January in 1979, which led them through further eleven cities. | usage worldwide (Photo by Werner Baum/picture alliance via Getty Images)


13th April 2021:

Just delivered from my colleague in Japan Kazutaka Ijuin, I have several new Fryer Treble Booster Special pedals available for immediate shipping.

Please order at:


5th February 2021:

Please note that my webshop now has a new address:


4th February 2021:

Next week I am building prototypes for a new version of the Fryer Mayday overdrive/distortion pedal. The new Mayday 2 pedal not designed to supercede the original Mayday  but to produce a pedal which gives other distortion colours and a further range of ‘Deacy distortion’ sounds. And is hopefully simpler in its number of knobs/controls. I had hoped to have this design ready well over a year ago however Covid-19 and other pesky issues found their way to intervene. There is no time like the present for all things important!  😉

Hooroo, Greg


1st January 2021:

Happy New Year to all customers and friends!

I have available Treble Booster Touring pedal serial number 063 which is being sold at a discounted price (usually $AUD250.00 plus shipping) because of a slight scratch to the top of the  box’s paintwork. (**Sorry but this item has been sold)

Treble Booster Touring pedal serial number 063 is priced at $AUD199.00 plus shipping, is brand new and works perfectly and comes with the usual new pedal warranty. Please see:


30th December 2020:

Please note that we are closed during the first two weeks of January 2021 and I would like to wish all customers and friends a very happy New Years Eve, and that the New Year turns out to be a better year for everyone.

Cheers, Greg Fryer


16th December 2020:

Treble Booster Super, Treble Booster Deluxe and Treble Booster Touring update:

I now have these pedals back in stock and available for immediate shipping.

All the best, Greg

29th November 2020:

Treble Booster Special pedals update:

29th November 2020: I have one Treble Booster Special pedal available now for immediate shipping.

After this pedal is sold we will be taking pre-orders for the next batch of Treble Booster Special pedals to be made, with an expected shipping date of 2nd week in January 2021.
All the best, Greg Fryer

Mayday pedals update:

I have one Mayday pedal available now for immediate shipping.

After this pedal is sold we will be taking pre-orders for the next batch of Mayday pedals to be made, with an expected shipping date of 2nd week in January 2021.
All the best, Greg Fryer

10th November 2020:

For Deacy Amp style replacement speakers, I am aware that there is a very good sounding and relatively inexpensive 6.5″ twin cone speaker available, the Visaton BG17-8ohm

So far I have not yet tried the Visaton speaker but have heard soundfiles from people doing A/B tests comparing the Visaton with the Dai Ichi 8ohm twin cone in their Deacy style Amps, and the Viston definitely sounds better and closer to the old Elac speaker that Brian May uses in his original Deacy Amp.

Another excellent sounding replacement speaker for the Deacy style amps was the now discontinued UK made Eurotec 6.5″ twin cone speaker which in my opinion was the closest sounding to the old Elac.

Visaton BG17 8 ohm links are here below:

BG 17 - 8OHM - 6.5" Full Range Speaker Driver, 8 Ohm, 40W RMS–292-546


31st October 2020:

Pre-order is now open for the current batch of Treble Booster Special and Mayday overdrive/distortion pedals that Japanese luthier Kazutaka Ijuin and I are jointly producing. We expect the shipping date of the pedals to be 2nd week of December 2020 (barring any unforeseen delays caused by coronavirus etc).

At this point in time we are only making a fairly small number of pedals so please place your pre-order soon to avoid missing out on this batch. In 2021 we aim to be producing greater numbers of the pedals and to have them available on a regular basis.

Please place your pre-order at

*** For people ordering from Japan, can you please order from the Kz Guitar Works official store webpage:


4th June 2020:

Origins of Brian May’s Legendary Deacy Amp update:

I have updated details regarding the origins and background of the Deacy Amp. Articles and photos have been very kindly provided by Peter Goodridge, son of Supersonic PR80 designer Bob Goodridge; and by Manuel Angelini the world expert on the Supersonic factory and the PR80 radio which spawned the Legendary Deacy Amp’s audio circuit.

I have also posted up some of my Deacy Amp photos taken in 1998 during my time at Brian May’s Allerton Hill studio.

Please see my webpage:

Photo from Manuel Angelini:

Bob Goodridge and Dave Sharpe: Supersonic development laboratory


4th June 2020:

I have available for sale one only handmade Treble Booster Special pedal serial number #130 which is listed on my webshop. This is made in plain aluminium box format, and is the only Treble Booster Special pedal that I am likely to handmake for some time due to other business arrangements being made at present which I will announce soon.

With this pedal I am including a complimentary Fryer Guitars t shirt so please let me know the size shirt you would like if placing an order.

Please order at:


3rd May 2020:

Over the last couple of years I have conducted several experiments with French guitar maker Mickael Dansan of Dansan Guitars to produce a new variation of my Treble Booster Super pedal.  This is a product which Mickael is now selling from his website:

During 2018 and 2019 Mickael and I tried different voicings of the Fryer Treble Booster Super circuit, and settled on a version which Mickael felt very closely resembles the sound of Brian May’s well known BC149 treble booster from the mid 1970s. Unlike using vintage pedal components, this design can be reproduced commercially using RoHS compliant components.

Treble Boost Dansan pedals 2020

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco has kindly produced this video for Mickael which demonstrates the booster:

Product description:

“Treble Boost Dansan”:

Produces a rich powerful sound with good harmonic detail and excellent treble definition.

* 33.5 dB gain

* Balanced definition & detail with punchy mid range

* Sparkling rhythm sounds with guitar volume control rolled back

* Designed to emulate the Brian May BC149 transistor treble booster sound of the mid 1970s

* Powered by a 9V battery with extremely long battery life, current consumption < 508ma

Please contact Mickael by email if you are interested in any of these little gems, his email address is:

Cheers, Greg


17th February 2020:

A big weekend of music has just passed here in Australia!

On Saturday night 15th February 2020 I attended the ‘Queen + Adam Lambert’ concert in Sydney at ANZ Stadium. A severe storm swept though Sydney half an hour before showtime and the concert organisers wisely delayed the concert start by approx 3/4 hour. My sister Penny and I got drenched with rain standing outside waiting to get into the venue, but fortunately for everyone the rain cleared just before kick-off and what followed was a stunningly impressive performance from Brian May, Roger Taylor, Adam Lambert and the band. It was an awesome show!

And what was personally awesome for me was seeing Brian May play my guitar ‘George Burns’ on the Queen hit Fat Bottomed Girls. I made this guitar for Brian back in 1996-97 and used some strikingly beautiful New Guinea Rosewood for the neck and body, and used the rare Brazilian Rosewood for the fingerboard. Photo is by Brian Reynolds – thanks! Cheers, Greg Fryer

Brian May playing ‘George Burns’ at ANZ Stadium Sydney 15th Feb 2020

On Sunday 16th February 2020 ‘Queen + Adam Lambert’ headlined the Fire Fight Australia Bushfire Benefit Concert which was held at the same venue ANZ Stadium.

John Farnham closed the Fire Fight benefit concert with “You’re The Voice” which featured an allstar cast including Brian May who played my dear old guitar ‘George Burns’. Thanks Brian!

Brian and George Burns with John Farnham closing the show at Fire Fight Australia 16 Feb 2020


11th February 2020:

I have one Mayday pedal available now at a reduced price $AUD100 below the normal selling price of $AUD599.00 (total priced is $AUD499.00 plus shipping).

The reason for this reduction in price of this unit #172 is because one of its LEDs does not function. Apart from this minor issue the unit is brand new and sounds great, and works as per normal apart from the ON/BYPASS LED not functioning, and the pedal carries the usual new pedal warranty.

This Mayday pedal serial number 172 is listed for sale on my webshop at:

PS: I am currently making more ‘Mayday’ and ‘Treble Booster Special’ pedals, and I expect that the new pedals will be available around mid March 2020. Pre-ordering will be available soon. Regards, Greg Fryer


14 October 2019:

My best wishes go to our Japanese friends and colleagues who have endured the recent terrible Typhoon Hagibis. I hope all of your friends and family members are safe.


1st August 2019:

Am back full steam ahead now building more pedals, and the Treble Booster Special and Mayday pedals are available again to order from my webshop. Cheers, Greg


15th May 2019:

I have one new 2019 Treble Booster Touring pedal number 042 available on my webshop at a reduced price due to a slight paint blemish. This pedal carries the usual new pedal warranty. Please see link below to order:


14th May 2019:

Pre-order is open for the next batch of Mayday pedals that I am beginning to build soon. Please order via my webshop:


14th May 2019: (Edited 15 May 2019: sorry this pedal has been sold)

I have another reduced price Mayday overdrive/distortion pedal available. This pedal is brand new but has a few minor blemishes in the paintwork and carries a new pedal warranty. Its original baseplate was used for a repair job some months ago and I am having a new baseplate powdercoated in red colour, which should be ready in approx 2 weeks time. Price is $AUD295.00 plus shipping.

To order please see my webshop link:


2nd May 2019:

For powering any of the Fryer effect pedals which require a 9V Adaptor unit I recommend the following Voodoo Lab Pedal Power products. They have models to suit all budgets and requirements:


2nd May 2019:

Recently I have had to slightly increase the price of some of my products unfortunately due to increases in general business costs but also due to increases in component costs over the past year because of the falling value of the Australian Dollar.


24th April 2019:

Product update: the Mayday overdrive pedals are back in stock and are available to order from my webshop, please see this link:

I also have one second hand Mayday pedal available at a reduced price. The input level pot was faulty on this pedal and has now been replaced, and the pedal again is working fine  and sounding as good as new. Please see this link:

In approx 1 week I also anticipate having the Treble Booster Special pedals back in stock again and will post up details then. Cheers, Greg


25th March 2019:

Update: the Treble Booster Deluxe and Treble Booster Super pedals are available again on my webshop. Please see link below. Cheers, Greg


21st March 2019:

I have available now a small number of Treble Booster Super pedals made in the 2014 style lightweight aluminium bare box. 2 of these pedals have both 9V Adaptor socket and 9V battery clip, and 1 pedal has the original 2014 style battery clip only.

Shortly I will be discontinuing making the Treble Booster Super in the original style bare aluminium box because it is more labour intensive and expensive to produce, and I plan to concentrate on making the Treble Booster Touring, Super and Deluxe pedals in the coloured box pcb mount format which is more suited to mass production.

For the time being I am continuing to handmake all of my guitar effect pedals, although it is possible in the future that I may look at getting assistance from local Australian electronic assembly specialists.

If you wish to order any of the 3 TB Super pedals made in the bare aluminium box, please click on the link below:

Regards, Greg


21st March 2019:

At the moment I am fortunate to have quite a number of orders placed for my guitar effect pedals, and my apologies for anyone finding it difficult to place an order on my webshop. Because of the number of pedals already ordered I have had to temporarily suspend ordering on the webshop for a short while until I complete building all current orders.

To all my customers, thank you for your confidence in my products and for your patience during the building process! Regards, Greg


28th February 2019:

A short clip from Matthew Ahearn of Queen’s “Dreamer’s Ball” using some pedals that I made back in 2001: the Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster (forerunner and almost identical to the Treble Booster Touring) and the Brian May/Fryer Mayhem distortion pedal. These two played with a Red Special guitar into the little Vox Pathfinder 15 amp are capable of some convincing Deacy Amp tones.

PS: I plan to soon develop a modern ROHS version of the Mayhem pedal, one that might have some extra sustain, distortion and other features available… for later in the year.


21st January 2019:

My thanks to all customers who have ordered the Treble Booster Special pedal. At present I am running a few days behind in my building schedule due to the number of orders received for the current batch of TB Specials being made. My apologies for the slight delay in shipping, and all currently ordered TB Special pedals will be shipped later this week beginning tomorrow Tuesday 22nd January 2019. Regards, Greg

New navy blue Fryer Guitars t shirt and TB Special boxes


16th January 2019:

The new Treble Booster Special boxes are now being fitted out 🙂


29th November 2018:

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco has kindly produced this comprehensive review of the new Treble Booster Special pedal. The review also features a comparison of my 2018 and 2008 versions of the Treble Booster Deluxe pedal.


18th October 2018:

Last week I listened again to these great soundfiles from 2014 and 2008. The soundfiles were done by Peter Michalowski and Frank Rohles, in which they kindly recorded short demos of my pedals.

Peter’s soundfiles are from 2014 and include band rehearsals, in these Peter demos my Treble Booster Super.

Clean chordal and picking through to more distorted and TYMD:

Brighton Rock Delays:

Hammer To Fall from rehearsal:

Frank’s soundfiles are from 2008 and demo my Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Touring, Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe, Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Plus, and prototype 2008 Treble Booster Special pedals.

Treble Booster Special 2008:

BM/Fryer Treble Booster Touring 2008:

BM/Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe 2008:

BM/Fryer Treble Booster Plus:


30th August 2018:

Danny Rodd has very kindly produced 3 short video clips comparing 3 of the new 2018 Fryer Treble Boosters: TB Touring, TB Deluxe and TB Super

Danny is playing an Esteban Anderson Red Special guitar and using the Fryer Treble Boosters through a Vox Pathfinder 15W amp


29th August 2018:

Please have a look at my ‘For Sale’ page where I am selling some of the things I have collected over the last 35 years such as Vintage NOS Valves and Germanium transistors etc.

Soon I will post up photos and prices. For enquiries please contact me at


29th August 2018:

A special discounted price of $AUD199.00 each is being offered until the end of November 2018 on the new 2018 Treble Booster Super and 2018 Treble Booster Deluxe (featuring the improved 2014 circuit and TB Super transistor), both handmade by Greg Fryer.

Both pedals are available in pre-production form (TB Super is blaze blue colour, TB Deluxe is purple colour) until the end of November 2018 when the screen printed 2018 versions of both pedals will be available. The pedals can be powered either by 9V battery or 9V Adaptor.

Both pre-production pedals are available at the special discounted price of $AUD199.00 each plus shipping whilst stocks last.

Shipping to countries outside Australia by International Airmail costs $AUD55.00 and shipping within Australia by Express Post costs $AUD22.00

Please order through the Fryer Guitars webshop or contact me directly at

To order TB Super:

To order TB Deluxe:

From currency exchange comparison of 29 August 2018:

$AUD199.00 is approx equal to: $USD146.00  £GBP114.00  €125.00  ¥16,257.00


28th August 2018:

On sale now for the next few weeks is the original aluminium box version (pictured below) of the Fryer Treble Booster Super and Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe (2014 circuit) pedals. All handbuilt by myself, they were formerly priced at $AUD340.00 each, and I have a handful of these pedals now available at $AUD285.00 each plus shipping. These models are due to be replaced by the ‘factory made pcb mount jacks style’ new TB Super and TB Deluxe in late September 2018. I am using the same circuit and transistors for both new and older styles. For ordering please email directly at


14th August 2018:

Coming soon in mid September 2018, the new 2018 version Treble Booster Deluxe and Treble Booster Super pedals handmade by Greg Fryer in Sydney Australia.

TB Deluxe is being made in Purple colour and is made to Greg Fryer’s improved 2014 Treble Booster Deluxe circuit which features the same harmonically rich sounding transistor used in the Treble Booster Super and Treble Booster Special pedals.

The TB Super 2018 is being made in Blaze Blue colour. The TB Super 2018 circuit and transistor is exactly the same as Greg’s handmade TB Supers made from 2014 onwards in the bare aluminium enclosure.

Because many guitarists have asked for the option of a 9V Adaptor socket as well as 9V battery, the TB Deluxe 2018 and TB Super 2018 will feature both a 9V Adaptor socket and a side mounted 9V Bulgin battery box.

Price of both pedals is $AUD250.00 each plus shipping and they will be available to order  from the Fryer Guitars webshop. Shipping to countries outside of Australia by International Airmail costs $AUD55.00 and shipping inside Australia by Express Post costs $AUD22.00 currency comparison from 14 August 2018:

$AUD250.00 =  $USD181.50   £GBP142.00   €160.00   ¥20,146

Pictured below is a prototype version of the TB Deluxe 2018. More photos soon in purple colour.


9th August 2018:

Photos from Jeroen Lips of the Netherlands of his Red Special rig with new pedals Treble Booster Special and Electrolead Tri-Splitter. Report and comments to come. For more gear pics and pics from a recent live outdoor concert please see:


28th July 2018:

International Shipping rates for Fryer guitar effect pedals: after some customers have requested a cheaper international shipping method for their pedals I have decided to again use Australia Post’s International Airmail service instead of the fast reliable but more expensive UPS. It appears that Australia Post have lifted their game somewhat in the face of stiff competition from the likes of UPS, FedEx, DHL etc and offer a cost effective international service including signature on delivery and tracking. Delivery is estimated at 7-10 days. I have decided to give them another try and have changed the shipping method on the Fryer Guitars webshop to Australia Post Standard International Airmail, although UPS shipping is still available on request.


27th July 2018:

Informative article from Tristan Avakian about ‘How To Sound Like Brian May’. Tristan is a very accomplished guitarist and has played in several ‘We Will Rock You’ theatrical productions around the world and ‘Queen Extravaganza’.


17th June 2018: review of the 2018 Fryer Treble Booster Touring pedal by Marco Giuseppe Di Marco


10th June 2018:

Thanks to Sebastien Merlin for sending me about this photo from the ‘Party At The Palace’ held in 2002 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. In the photo my Red Special guitar ‘John’ which was made in 1996-97 for Brian May, sits just behind Paul. Brian joined Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker and many other well known singers and musicians onstage at this historical event.

Youtube video of the great Beatles song ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ from ‘Party At The Palace’ from which the screenshot above was taken at approx 46 seconds in:


23rd May 2018:

Now available for the first time since 2008 handmade by Greg Fryer, the Treble Booster Touring.

The 2018 Treble Booster Touring pedal is handmade to exactly the same circuit and sound as my Treble Booster Touring pedals and strap mount boosters made for Brian May and for general sale since 2001.

To order please see Fryer Guitars Webshop:

or email Greg Fryer at


28th February 2018:

A blast from the past: just found these photos from June 2007 of the beginnings of the Brian May Super guitar. Barry Moorhouse and Kazutaka Ijuin very kindly visited my workshop and held discussions over a couple of days to get the ball rolling with the ‘Brian May Super’ Red Special guitar project.

More details about the guitar here:


22nd February 2018:

Queen + Adam Lambert played Sydney again. What a show and what great playing and singing. Nice to see Brian playing ‘John’ and ‘George Burns’ out on stage again.

For pics please see


21st February 2018:

Fryer Treble Booster Super and Mayday pedals are temporarily out of stock, however I am building more at present and they will be available to order from the webshop very soon. Cheers, Greg


21st February 2018:

New Fryer Guitars T shirts are available now in Royal Blue colour. Please see Apparel page for sizes and details:

21 Feb 2018 Fryer Guitars t shirt Royal Blue colour


2nd September 2017:

More Treble Booster Super, Treble Booster Deluxe, and Mayday overdrive pedals will be available again soon from my webshop. I am currently in the middle of building these pedals and will post more info shortly. Cheers, Greg


12th June 2017:

Video clip from Danny Rodd, demoing his new Esteban Anderson Red Special guitar and using the following Fryer pedals and a Vox Pathfinder 15R amp:

Danny said:

“I’ve sent you some pics here and a video, so you can hear the amazing sound. I played with the band last Thursday, using my Fryer stuff but this time with a mini set, just the Fryer TB Deluxe 2014 and the Pathfinder 15R. The sound was amazing at not too loud volume, but it was considerably loud enough. Later I’ll send you more videos with the complete band.

My live set rig will be: Esteban Anderson Red Special guitar, Fryer TB, new Fryer Mayday, Fryer ‘Robert’ overdrive/boost, Delay, Vox Pathfinder 15R amp for small places and Vox AC30 C2 amp for bigger places.”


30th November 2016:

New Fryer Guitars T Shirts have arrived, this time in Charcoal colour. Price is $AUD28.50 plus shipping, to order please see:

fryer-guitars-t-shirt-charcoal fryer-guitars-t-shirt-charcoal-2


1st November 2016:

Pics from the two guitarists in the ‘We Will Rock You’ Australia production James Barber and Simon Croft:

James Barber and WWRY Australia guitar rig

James Barber and WWRY Australia guitar rig pedalboard and Vox AC10 ‘feedback amp’

Simon Croft and WWRY Australia guitar rig

Simon Croft and WWRY Australia guitar rig amps


23rd October 2016:

Report from Scott Bastian about using the Fryer pedals Treble Booster Super, Mayday overdrive, and the new prototype ‘Robert’ boost/drive pedal live on stage through his Vox AC30 TBX amp and Korean made BMG Red Special guitar. For the last 8 years Scott has been playing guitar in the Australian Queen Tribute Show:

Hi Greg,

Been meaning to write to you sooner, just finished a couple of shows around Canberra and I’m loving the setup I have now thanks to you. The ‘Mayday’ is perfect for achieving the Queen sound on smaller stages. Getting rid of the attenuator and its 4db steps has made sitting in the onstage mix so much easier.

I’m still fine tuning the ‘Robert’ pedal settings. I found that at your recommended settings I was getting a better solo sound but not the db increase I was after and I think I’ve compensated for this with a bit more level. I really need to explore more at rehearsal because most times the sound checks are rushed due to venue constrictions.

I’m not the sort of player that can dissect and articulate my tone – its either good or awful given the differences of my gear. I’m sure there are a million changes I could make to my TBX amp that would get me closer to Brian’s sound and then there’s the differences with my Brian May guitar with the Strat style tremolo bridge compared to a decent replica with a original style knife edge trem. Palm positioning would have to make a noticeable difference (improvement) I would think too. Anyway I’m going off on a tangent or is that a tirade haha 🙂

You’ve made my job in this band a lot more enjoyable, my pedalboard is now a collection of Fryer pedals, a tuner and a delay unit.

Cheers mate, all the best, Scott.

Scott Bastian pedalboard

Scott Bastian pedalboard

Australian Queen Tribute Show

Australian Queen Tribute Show

Scott Bastian

Scott Bastian


19th September 2016:

A new prototype product is being trialled at the moment, the ‘Robert’ overdrive/boost pedal has come from the Extra Boost/Drive pedal which I made in April 2016 for the ‘We Will Rock You’ Australia guitar rig setup.

Why is this pedal is named ‘Robert’?  🙂  because a friend who heard an early prototype said that I should name the pedal after my middle name (thanks Mick!) and I couldn’t think of a better name….

The ‘Robert’ pedal has different uses – it can be used either with Fender guitars and amps as a standard overdrive/boost pedal, or it can be used in the Brian May Red Special guitar pedal setup as a solo boost pedal:  Red Special > Treble Booster > Mayday overdrive > ‘Robert’ pedal footswitched in for solos when required.

The prototype ‘Robert’ overdrive/boost pedal pictured below has two controls which are on/off switches: ‘D’ switches in a subtle distortion circuit similar to the Mayday Deacy-style distortion circuit, and the ‘Pres’ control switches in a top-end presence treble cut. At this point the pedal is being evaluated and I am not sure whether these 2 controls will make it onto a final factory made product.

robert-mayday-and-tb-super robert-overdriveboost-4


31st August 2016:

Fryer Mayday overdrive pedals are now back in stock. Please see our webshop to order.

(Note: all Mayday pedals made from late April 2016 serial number 059 onwards have been made to the same circuit variation featuring a little more treble response and gain that Marco Giuseppe Di Marco has featured recently in a youtube demo clip)

Mayday #11


12th August 2016:

The Treble Booster Special pedal is now back in stock! Please order from our webshop at:

TB Special side view


25th July 2016:

The Treble Booster Super is now back in stock – available in standard bare aluminium finish and now also in deep purple colour. Please request purple when ordering or send a separate email requesting this.

TB Super deep purple #1 TB Super deep purple #2


18th July 2016:

Unfortunately our Mayday and Treble Booster Special pedals have sold out and are temporarily unavailable from our webshop. New stock of these pedals will be available soon and this page will be updated with info then.


14th July 2016:

Unfortunately this week we have sold out of stocks of the Treble Booster Special pedal. I am expecting more TB Specials to be arriving from Roberto in the 2nd week in August, apologies for any inconvenience and I will keep this page and the webshop updated when they arrive.


12th July 2016:

Guitar and Bass Magazine August 2016 edition features the cover story ‘Royal Vox’ where Brian May speaks about his ‘Queen’ rig and his love affair with the Vox AC30 amplifier. Includes photos inside one of Brian’s Greg Fryer custom built AC30s and a discussion with amp tech Mike Hill.


27th May 2016:

Youtube demo of humcancelling system 8a for single coil pickups:


3rd May 2016:

Report and photos of the guitar pedalboard from WWRY Australia guitarist James Barber:


17th April 2016:

‘We Will Rock You’ Australia 2016 guitar rig rethink with WWRY guitar tech Billy Hibben.

Please see:

17th April 2016 WWRY Aust guitar rig

17th April 2016 WWRY Aust guitar rig


15th April 2016: exciting new product under development:

Humcancelling system for Fender Stratocaster® guitars which use the standard 3 single coil pickup format.

(pickups need to be same magnetic polarity, wound in the same direction and wound to approx the same turns count)

For more information please see:

16th April 2016 Strat humcancelling system 8a trials with test guitar

16th April 2016 Strat humcancelling system 8a trials with test guitar

In 1989 an active humcancelling system was designed for me by Warren McAlister and for several years I fitted this system to some of my custom made guitars and to some other guitars for customers. This 1989 active system was powered by a 9V battery and used a dummy coil. The system was good but had some drawbacks which needed to be improved: the active sound needed to be closer to the passive pickup sound and the amount of hum reduced was good but not entirely satisfactory. There were also other design issues to improve on.

In 2011 I began experimenting with developing new versions of the humcancelling system. This has meant experimenting with fresh designs, and to date I have trialled 8 prototype versions of a new improved system.

My objectives have been to design an active humcancelling system which:

  1. is as close as possible in sound to the normal passive pickup sound
  2. reduces as much 50/60 cycle hum and general noise as possible
  3. is easy to install thus reducing installation labour costs
  4. has extremely long 9V battery life
  5. has easily accessible switching between passive pickup and active system modes via a push/pull pot switch located underneath one of the guitar’s potentiometer controls.
  6. pcb capable of being neatly housed in the guitar’s control cavity rather than requiring a separate routed cavity in the guitar body.
  7. when fitted on Stratocaster® guitars the system can have a ‘level boost’ control in place of the usual 2nd Tone control mounted on the pickguard. In active humcancelling mode this level boost will function to give addition output level for solo or other passages.

Achieving these objectives has proved more elusive and time consuming than first thought, but recent prototypes are showing great promise. More information will be available soon as well as a demo youtube clip when the latest prototype is finalised.

Stratocaster® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and Fender Australia Pty Ltd. Fryer Guitars is not affiliated in any way with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation or Fender Australia Pty Ltd.


18th March 2016:

Treble Booster Special is now back in stock with latest pedals arriving from Roberto.

Well known online effect pedal reviewer Brett Kingman has recently described the TB Special as the best treble booster he has ever tried.

P1080373 (1280x960) P1080374 (960x1280)


31st Dec 2015:

The Treble Booster Special pedal is now available, new stock has arrived from Roberto in Spain. For ordering please see our webshop or email me at or

TB Special and Mayday testing

TB Special and Mayday testing


10th Dec 2015:

Shipping on International orders from today will be with UPS exclusively. Because of recent less than satisfactory performance on deliveries using Australia Post, Deutsche Post, USPS and UK Royal Mail, I decided last week to open an account with UPS and have been given a very competitive discounted rate by our UPS rep.

Using UPS will unfortunately slightly increase the shipping price, but importantly will provide a faster more professional service than what the Post Office offers. UPS deliver in 3 days door to door internationally with far better security and tracking.


1st Dec 2015:

Our webshop is back up again!

Please see:

Some products can still be ordered directly by email, due to limited stocks and busy manufacturing schedules the Mayday overdrive/distortion is only available directly by email and in the new year will be available on the webshop.

Please email me at: or

Regards, Greg Fryer


26th Nov 2015:

Doing a few Supers in red colour now

TB Super flame red Nov 2015 #225th Nov 2015 #2


22nd Nov 2015:

The Treble Booster Special pedal will be available in mid-late December 2015.

This pedal is a collaboration with Roberto Garcia from Thundertomate pedals in Spain.

Please see Roberto’s website:

The 2015 TB Special shares many similarities with my 2009 version TB Special prototypes, although in the 2015 version I am using the same unique sounding transistor as the TB Super, and this produces a better sounding pedal.

8 position Rotary switch ‘Range’ control gives the flexibility of selecting from 8 thinner to fatter sounds as the ‘Range’ is turned clockwise. This will give you the sounds of several of my treble boosters all in one pedal – such as TB Super, TB Deluxe, TB Plus with other thinner and fatter sounds at either end of the Range control.

Power is by either 9V battery or 9V Adaptor. For 9V adaptor the recommended types are centre negative, 2.1mm dia jack, 100ma and above current capacity such as Boss PSA or Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2. The Treble Booster Special draws under 4ma current, and is proudly manufactured by Roberto at his facility in Gijon, Spain.

More info and prices soon

TB Special side view Treble Booster Special #2


Fryer Guitars t shirt now available 22nd Nov 2015, please see:

Fryer Guitars T Shirt

Fryer Guitars T Shirt

3rd Sept 2015:

New prototype ‘Mayday’ overdrive/distortion pedal soundfiles from Mark Reynolds, Marco Giuseppe Di Marco and Danny Rodd

Please see:

Mark Reynolds Red Special, TB Deluxe, Mayday and AC30TBX

Mark Reynolds Red Special, TB Deluxe, Mayday and AC30TBX

'Mayday' prototype testing with TB Super

‘Mayday’ prototype testing with TB Super

P1070690 (960x1280)


6th July 2015:

Custom version Treble Booster Super with Bulgin battery box and 9V AC Adaptor socket available in limited numbers

Please see:

TB Super custom model with battery box and 9V AC Adaptor socket

TB Super custom model with battery box and 9V AC Adaptor socket


26th May 2015:

New Mayhem overdrive/distortion pedal available soon, please see:

2000-2008 version pic:

Brian May Fryer Mayhem; pic by Luke Holwerda

2001 Brian May Fryer Mayhem; pic by Luke Holwerda


26th May 2015:

Mini strap mount Treble Booster Super: sorry I have had my hands full with a number of projects being developed (such as the Mayday pedal) and unfortunately have put the good ole strap mount TB Supers on the back burner. Will get back to these soon as I can. Hooroo, GF

BM mini strap mount booster #1

BM mini strap mount booster #1: output level trimpot is at left hand end, plugging in the guitar lead into the input jack turns on battery power like other pedals. LED power ON indicator. Jacks are standard Switchcraft 1/4″

12th Nov 2014 #4

12th Nov 2014 #5


2nd September 2014:

Brian's 'Treble Booster Super'

Brian’s ‘Treble Booster Super’

The ‘Treble Booster Super’ pedal above was specially made for Brian May and was given to him monday night 25th August in Sydney. We visited Brian and chatted for over an hour at his hotel in Circular Quay near the harbour bridge. It was great to catch up again and although the Q+AL tour has been gruelling and tiring Brian was his usual friendly and welcoming self, one of nature’s real gentlemen.

I showed Brian the new pedals that I had developed and also the drawings for a new guitar design of mine.

The TB Super is probably the best treble booster that I have made for playing through an AC30, same good olde Brian May treble booster circuit with a few tweaks here and there to suit a new transistor, and is using a transistor that I found a couple of years ago and immediately loved the sound of how it worked in the BM circuit. The transistor gives similar strength of output to the BC239C used in my TB Deluxe and TB Plus pedals, but delivers a nicer harmonic makeup and more richness of sound than the 239C. When Brian is back home after the tour we will be chatting more about this pedal and I will explore soon what the possibilities are for both handmaking and factory making this model.

Couldn’t resist taking this snap below of the harbour bridge lights at midnight after we left Bri’s hotel, it seemed so perfect, and I was chuffed to see the following day on that Bri had taken a similar shot on the sunday morning. That coathanger always makes a good photo

25th Aug 2014 circular quay and harbour bridge at midnight

25th Aug 2014: mystery blonde, circular quay and harbour bridge at midnight