2nd February 2023:

Latest update on the Fryer/Di Marco treble booster:

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco version Jan 2023 live guitar pedals and amp setup


10th January 2023:

Today the postman delivered a new Deacy Amp replica from France made by Manuel Angelini of

I did some brief playing tests today using the various power options (small 9V PP3 battery, large 9V PP9 battery and Manuel’s adjustable power supply). Although its early days the amp sounds very nice and very promising!

Soon I intend to write a piece for this page regarding my impressions of the new amp’s sound and will compare it to playing Brian May’s original Deacy Amp, Nigel Knight’s KAT Deacy Amp replica, and my 2003 MkII Deacy Amp replica.

Later I also intend to do record some GoPro videos and will post these on YouTube when done.

Manuel Angelini replica Deacy Amp #1


11th August 2022:

New product coming soon:  the ‘Fryer/Di Marco Treble Booster’ is based on the prototype which I recently made for Marco Giuseppe Di Marco (pic below). Marco is using the new booster mounted on his guitar strap, and is currently on a tour of Europe with his band “Queen On Fire”.

Please see:

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco 2022

This pedal uses my Treble Booster Touring circuit. It has a handmade pcb which has a different layout to the standard TB Touring pedal pcb, also has a hand selected/tested transistor and components, and a few other nice handmade touches. The pedal uses a lightweight diecast aluminium box which is suitable for mounting on a guitar strap for use with a wireless system.

As the project moves along I will post more details and photos here:


19th July 2022:

The JAN97 Fryer 25th Anniversary Treble Booster webpage has been updated with ordering details of both JAN97 Type 1 and JAN97 Type 2 treble booster limited edition:

JAN97 Type 1 re-issue

JAN97 Type 2 re-issue


8th July 2022:

A few new products are on the webshop:

JAN97 Type 2 re-issue 25th Anniversary Treble Booster. I am only making a small number of these boosters so please place an order through the webshop or let me know  via email if you would like one reserved.

Recently I made 4 special black ‘one-off’ treble boosters which are pictured in the post further below. These were made in a lightweight aluminium box and can be used as strap mounted boosters for players who use wireless transmitters live on stage.

2 of the boosters were made for Marco Giuseppe Di Marco from Italy. Marco is a well known professional guitarist who also has a strong internet profile. On the webshop I have the remaining 2 boosters available for sale:

(SOLD)Treble Booster Touring black 2022 (SOLD)

JAN97 Type 2 Treble Booster black 2022 1 pc only available:

Description of how the trimpot effects the sound in smoothing the top end and hiss:

Some people (myself included) like the sound best with the trimpot set at 0  🙂


5th July 2022:

On my webshop tomorrow 6th July 2022 will be 2 of these black custom order boosters pictured below: TB Touring circuit in lightweight box #002 and  JAN97 Type 2 treble booster [with no level pot] in lightweight box #002.

Also on the webshop tomorrow will be a small number of my 25th Anniversary re-issue JAN97 Type 2 treble boosters (with adjustable 10K trimpot). Cheers, Greg

Some extra weight has been milled out of the lids on the black boosters (below), this may be helpful if the guitarist uses the booster on a strap.


30th June 2022:

Some JAN97 Type 2 treble boosters and a few black one-off special treble boosters are being made right now. In next few days I will post details about prices and availability of the JAN97 Type 2 25th Anniversary re-issue treble boosters.


16th June 2022:

JAN97 Type 2 25th Anniversary re-issue treble booster: the first prototype was assembled today. More news soon on this classic booster re-issue.


8th May 2022:

Wonderful to have this beautiful sounding Vox AC30 back in the fold again. This amp is one which I handbuilt for a customer in 2010 and features a unique Brilliant Channel circuit which was developed through my own trial and error during several years of live playing, and a circuit which I only used in 3 amps made around 2010.

The amp has two channels: the ‘Brian May’ tuned Normal channel of course, great for using Red Special guitars and treble boosters etc, and the special circuit Brilliant Channel which makes the amp especially useful for playing Strats or Les Pauls. Happy days!

Vox AC30 back in fold again


27th May 2022:

The first batch of JAN97 25th Anniversary Treble Boosters (Type 1) have been recently shipped. Please allow approx 14 days building time if ordering the JAN97 booster from the webshop.

One of the first people to order the JAN97 booster, Fumihisa-san from Japan, sent me these photos today. They show his Kz Red Special guitar, Fryer JAN97 treble booster and Fryer Mayday overdrive (made in collaboration between Kz Guitar Works and Fryer Guitars). Many thanks to Fumihisa-san for these photos.


11th April 2022:

Guess what I am buying soon? This little bedroom monster…… am really looking forward to playing this authentic sounding amp!  🙂

Back on 6 February 1998 at Allerton Hill studio I was the first guy to open up Brian May’s legendary Deacy Amp and photograph and document it thoroughly. Firstly with David Petersen in 1998, and then with Colin Bloxsom and Nigel Knight I began the journey of making Deacy replicas and attempting to unravel the mysteries of the Deacy’s unusual design.

Soon I am making a couple of versions of my 2003 MkII Deacy with Shaun Klinger from Melbourne Australia, and we will be using the last of my MkII output and coupling transformers, Eurotec speakers and germanium transistors from the Deacy prototype development work that I did in the late 1990s/early 2000s. The MkII is an amazing sounding Deacy replica, although it is not 100% authentic in circuit and appearance to Brian’s original Deacy. From experience I can tell you that the MkII was better sounding than the KAT amp. I tested them side by side many times….chalk and cheese – it ate the KAT for dinner. The KAT amp had some very good points such as excellent appearance, booklet and build quality, however overall I was very disappointed by its sound.

Still I believe there is one other amp out there that is likely to be even closer in sound to the legendary Deacy Amp than MkII or KAT. Made by a guy who is even more obsessive than me……  if thats possible haha!  🙂

For some years I have wanted one of Manuel Angelini’s beautifully handcrafted versions of the Supersonic PR80 which sounds and looks as close as possible to Brian’s original legendary Deacy Amp. Now its time to rock!

Photos below courtesy of Manuel Angelini:

My photos of the original legendary Deacy Amp from 6 February 1998:


5th April 2022:

I am proud to announce that pre-orders are now open for the 25th Anniversary re-issue of my JAN97 Fryer Treble Booster (type 1).

The  two JAN97 Fryer boosters type 1 and type 2 were used by Brian May in 1998 to record his album ‘Another World’. Brian also used these boosters in live performances during 1998 along with the 3 Fryer Red Special guitars ‘John’, ‘Paul’ and ‘George Burns’.

I am handmaking a limited run of 50 pcs and anticipate that the first JAN97 type 1 boosters will be available to be shipped in the 3rd week of April 2022.

(Update 8th April 2022 re JAN97 type 2 booster: In late April I intend to make prototypes of the JAN97 type 2 booster and am hopeful that I will have some available in mid May or early June 2022)

To pre-order please visit the Fryer Guitars webshop:

For more info about the JAN97 treble boosters type 1 and type 2 please see:

Cheers, Greg Fryer

Total Guitar Xmas 1998 Fryer JAN97 treble booster on purple AC30

Mark Reynolds photo July 1998 Allerton Hill Fryer 1997 Treble Booster on top of the Deacy Amp


24th March 2022:

On the Fryer Guitars webshop I have available one only Treble Booster Special pedal serial number T067, which has been handmade by myself and Japanese luthier Kazutaka Ijuin.

To order:


14th March 2022:

2 of my last Treble Booster Super “white label” pedals are now available at the reduced sale price of $AUD169.00 each (plus shipping). The pedals carry the usual new pedal warranty.  The white label pedals have been superceded by the 2022 screenprinted version. The ‘white label’ and screenprinted TB Supers are identical in sound and construction. Cheers, Greg

$AUD169.00 is approx $USD123.00 ;  £GBP 95.00 ;  € 114.00 ; ¥JPY14,455.00

Please see the webshop links:


12th February 2022:

My work building the 25th Anniversary JAN97 Fryer Treble Boosters has been delayed a little while because of a fortunate coincidence which has had me very busy elsewhere for a couple of months. I am hopeful that I will be back building the JAN97 boosters very soon and will post updates here when available. Cheers, Greg

‘Type 1’ JAN97 (standard TB without added trimpot) made for Brian May in 1997, pictured on Brian’s purple AC30 and Deacy Amp at Allerton Hill studio July 1998:

Mark Reynolds photo July 1998 Allerton Hill Fryer 1997 Treble Booster on top of the Deacy Amp

Total Guitar Xmas 1998 Fryer JAN97 treble booster on purple AC30


16th January 2022:

Dear customers, I am currently on holidays until Monday 24th January 2022. Unfortunately there are only limited stocks of the Fryer Treble Boosters  currently available on my webshop

However since December 2021 I have been building more pedals and expect to have more available of Treble Booster Touring, Treble Booster Super and Treble Booster Deluxe upon my return to work.

All the best, Greg Fryer


19th December 2021:

One of the Treble Booster Supers that I have just finished making is on my webshop at the reduced sale price of $AUD219.00 (plus shipping). This treble booster serial number #223 has a slight scratch in the paintwork below the ‘Treble Booster Super’ name, and is otherwise brand new and the booster sounds and works perfectly. To order please see my webshop link:


7th December 2021:

First prototypes of 25th Anniversary JAN97 Fryer Treble Boosters are getting close.

This is a retro prototype of what I call ‘Type 1’ (standard TB without added trimpot) same as I made for Brian May in 1997, pictured on his purple AC30 and Deacy Amp in July 1998 here below:

Mark Reynolds photo July 1998 Allerton Hill Fryer 1997 Treble Booster on top of the Deacy Amp

Total Guitar Xmas 1998 Fryer JAN97 treble booster on purple AC30


28th October 2021:

Coming soon: thanks to Luke Holwerda for reminding me that January 2022  will be the 25th Anniversary of my January 1997 treble boosters which were made for Brian May.

I am considering making a limited re-issue run of these ‘retro’ pedals to celebrate the 25th Anniversary, and hope to have more details soon.

In 1998 at his Allerton Hill studio, Brian used 2 of my JAN97 treble boosters to record his ‘Another World’ album with.

At the studio we modified one of the boosters to have a small 10K trimpot which acted as a hiss filter (photo below). Brian and I then experimented with this treble booster in his guitar room, with Brian playing through the treble booster and his AC30 set at full volume. I adjusted the trimpot as Brian played to find the setting that he thought sounded best. We used that resistance setting (5K6) in my Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Touring pedals.

Circuit-wise, the 1999 Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster pedal and the early 2000s Brian May /Fryer Treble Booster Touring pedal were identical to JAN97 type 2 treble booster.

The other (unmodified standard) JAN97 treble booster was featured in the Total Guitar magazine Christmas Edition 1998 on page 29. Here it sits on top of Brian’s purple Vox AC30 in the guitar room.

(please click on images to enlarge)

Total Guitar Xmas 1998 Fryer JAN97 treble booster on purple AC30

Total Guitar magazine Christmas Edition 1998 page 29:

Total Guitar Xmas 1998 page 29

Photo by Mark Reynolds of JAN97 treble booster sitting on Deacy Amp (photo taken in July 1998)

Mark Reynolds photo July 1998 Allerton Hill Fryer 1997 Treble Booster on the Deacy Amp

JAN97 Fryer treble booster modified in 1998 with trimpot:

JAN97 treble booster with trimpot

Fryer JAN97 treble booster (photo courtesy of Luke Holwerda)

There was a 3rd JAN97 treble booster made which was experimental and featured a mini switch on the top. It had a 9V Adaptor socket fitted on the side of the box because Pete Malandrone was interested to find out if we could make a treble booster for Brian which did not need a 9V battery.

However Brian did not like the sound of this booster and it was not used for recording and only used for more of my experiments. The problem was that the larger value electrolytic capacitor required to smooth/filter the noise introduced into the audio circuit by the 9V Adaptor power supply also effected the audio sound of the guitar by making it darker and duller to the ‘feel’ of the guitar tone. Photo below

Fryer 1997 treble booster no 3 experimental model which had 9V Adaptor socket fitted


28th October 2021:

The newly screenprinted Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe, Touring and Super  pedals are now available to order from my webshop.

The pedals feature fab new graphic designs – but same old great sounds and build quality!

Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe 2021:

Fryer Treble Booster Touring 2021:

Fryer Treble Booster Super 2021:


31st August 2021:

Little by little I am putting up on my website some of the international guitar magazine articles written about the work which I did for Brian May in the 1990s and 2000s. The first of these is the well known article from Guitarist July 1998 edition.

Please see:

And here below is this first one:



28th August 2021:

Its covid lockdown-ville here in Sydney, and what better thing to do than to begin the process of sorting through and making digital copies of the great many photos that I took from 1996 to 2007 of Red Special making and repairing, BM pedal making, BM AC30 making, Deacy Amps, and WWRY productions amp and pedal making etc.

A small number of my photos have previously been scanned and published either on my website, in various guitar magazines, or in Brian May’s Red Special Book, but the vast majority have not yet been scanned.

The Red Special journey was quite an extraordinary one for me, one that I sacrificed absolutely everything for. Looking back from this distance of 2021, at times now I can hardly believe that the amazing journey actually happened.

There are over 600 photos to be scanned, here below is a brief sample of some from the top of the pile:

Greg’s workshop at Allerton Hill 1998

Red Special bridge shim and packing materials

BM microscope 5th fret dot inspection #1 (previously published on this website and in the Red Special book)

Deacy Amp recording from Another World sessions 1998 (previously published on this website and in the Red Special book)


21st August 2021:

The talented Marco Giuseppe Di Marco has recently produced a 2021 version of his ‘Rig Rundown’ video in which he demonstrates his live Brian May rig. Marco shows the guitar/pedals/amps rig that he uses live with his band ‘Queen On Fire’. After a long absence due to the 2020 coronavirus lockdowns in Europe,  ‘Queen On Fire’ are now back playing live gigs in Italy.


3rd May 2021:

Bob Wegner has kindly sent me an email which contains a very interesting photo of Brian May playing live onstage with Queen on 13th May 1978.

Bob explained: “One more for you, Greg – this is from a 1978 Japanese “Music Life” magazine, taken at Wembley Arena on the last night of the News of the World tour. Here he’s got an EBow in one hand and tremolo arm in the other, doing his impression of a 747 with the Echoplex delay off the top of his solo spot. First good shot I’ve seen of this.” Thanks again Bob!

I have also posted the photo on this page of my website:


19th April 2021:

Yesterday I was going through some photos which had been put away for a while, and found a few from 1998 which I have been meaning for some time to have framed. In August 1998 as I was about to leave Brian May’s Allerton Hill studio and return to Australia, Brian very kindly signed several photos for me.

Bri signed the 2 photos below for myself, and signed the 3rd photo down for my Mum and Dad. Where has the last 23 years gone for heavens sake? Yes its about time they were framed….. some very nice memories.

PS: the photo was taken by Babz B. Photobabe at the Joe Satriani/ G3 concert at Wembley in July 1998 where Brian made a guest appearance and played my Red Special replica guitar ‘George Burns’.

Brian May and George Burns at G3 Wembley July 1998

Brian May and George Burns at G3 Wembley July 1998

Brian May and George Burns at G3 Wembley July 1998


18th April 2021:

Bob Wegner from Canada has kindly sent me this photo from the ‘Live Killers’ Queen tour  of 1979 which shows Freddie Mercury and Brian May onstage. It shows a good side view of Brian’s live pedalboard at the time.

The picture is dated and credited: “17th January 1979 Hamburg by Werner Baum”. (Please click on image to enlarge)

Lead singer Freddie Mercury (front) in action, to his right guitarist Brian May. The successful British band “Queen” started their tour across Germany in Hamburg on the 17th of January in 1979, which led them through further eleven cities. | usage worldwide (Photo by Werner Baum/picture alliance via Getty Images)


4th June 2020:

Origins of Brian May’s Legendary Deacy Amp update:

I have updated details regarding the origins and background of the Deacy Amp. Articles and photos have been very kindly provided by Peter Goodridge, son of Supersonic PR80 designer Bob Goodridge; and by Manuel Angelini the world expert on the Supersonic factory and the PR80 radio which spawned the Legendary Deacy Amp’s audio circuit.

I have also posted up some of my Deacy Amp photos taken in 1998 during my time at Brian May’s Allerton Hill studio.

Please see my webpage:

Photo from Manuel Angelini:

Bob Goodridge and Dave Sharpe: Supersonic development laboratory


3rd May 2020:

Over the last couple of years I have conducted several experiments with French guitar maker Mickael Dansan of Dansan Guitars to produce a new variation of my Treble Booster Super pedal.  This is a product which Mickael is now selling from his website:

During 2018 and 2019 Mickael and I tried different voicings of the Fryer Treble Booster Super circuit, and settled on a version which Mickael felt very closely resembles the sound of Brian May’s well known BC149 treble booster from the mid 1970s. Unlike using vintage pedal components, this design can be reproduced commercially using RoHS compliant components.

Treble Boost Dansan pedals 2020

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco has kindly produced this video for Mickael which demonstrates the booster:

Product description:

“Treble Boost Dansan”:

Produces a rich powerful sound with good harmonic detail and excellent treble definition.

* 33.5 dB gain

* Balanced definition & detail with punchy mid range

* Sparkling rhythm sounds with guitar volume control rolled back

* Designed to emulate the Brian May BC149 transistor treble booster sound of the mid 1970s

* Powered by a 9V battery with extremely long battery life, current consumption < 508ma

Please contact Mickael by email if you are interested in any of these little gems, his email address is:

Cheers, Greg


17th February 2020:

A big weekend of music has just passed here in Australia!

On Saturday night 15th February 2020 I attended the ‘Queen + Adam Lambert’ concert in Sydney at ANZ Stadium. A severe storm swept though Sydney half an hour before showtime and the concert organisers wisely delayed the concert start by approx 3/4 hour. My sister Penny and I got drenched with rain standing outside waiting to get into the venue, but fortunately for everyone the rain cleared just before kick-off and what followed was a stunningly impressive performance from Brian May, Roger Taylor, Adam Lambert and the band. It was an awesome show!

And what was personally awesome for me was seeing Brian May play my guitar ‘George Burns’ on the Queen hit Fat Bottomed Girls. I made this guitar for Brian back in 1996-97 and used some strikingly beautiful New Guinea Rosewood for the neck and body, and used the rare Brazilian Rosewood for the fingerboard. Photo is by Brian Reynolds – thanks! Cheers, Greg Fryer

Brian May playing ‘George Burns’ at ANZ Stadium Sydney 15th Feb 2020

On Sunday 16th February 2020 ‘Queen + Adam Lambert’ headlined the Fire Fight Australia Bushfire Benefit Concert which was held at the same venue ANZ Stadium.

John Farnham closed the Fire Fight benefit concert with “You’re The Voice” which featured an allstar cast including Brian May who played my dear old guitar ‘George Burns’. Thanks Brian!

Brian and George Burns with John Farnham closing the show at Fire Fight Australia 16 Feb 2020


2nd May 2019:

For powering any of the Fryer effect pedals which require a 9V Adaptor unit I recommend the following Voodoo Lab Pedal Power products. They have models to suit all budgets and requirements:


29th November 2018:

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco has kindly produced this comprehensive review of the new Treble Booster Special pedal. The review also features a comparison of my 2018 and 2008 versions of the Treble Booster Deluxe pedal.


18th October 2018:

Last week I listened again to these great soundfiles from 2014 and 2008. The soundfiles were done by Peter Michalowski and Frank Rohles, in which they kindly recorded short demos of my pedals.

Peter’s soundfiles are from 2014 and include band rehearsals, in these Peter demos my Treble Booster Super.

Clean chordal and picking through to more distorted and TYMD:

Brighton Rock Delays:

Hammer To Fall from rehearsal:

Frank’s soundfiles are from 2008 and demo my Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Touring, Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe, Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Plus, and prototype 2008 Treble Booster Special pedals.

Treble Booster Special 2008:

BM/Fryer Treble Booster Touring 2008:

BM/Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe 2008:

BM/Fryer Treble Booster Plus:


30th August 2018:

Danny Rodd has very kindly produced 3 short video clips comparing 3 of the new 2018 Fryer Treble Boosters: TB Touring, TB Deluxe and TB Super

Danny is playing an Esteban Anderson Red Special guitar and using the Fryer Treble Boosters through a Vox Pathfinder 15W amp


29th August 2018:

A special discounted price of $AUD199.00 each is being offered until the end of November 2018 on the new 2018 Treble Booster Super and 2018 Treble Booster Deluxe (featuring the improved 2014 circuit and TB Super transistor), both handmade by Greg Fryer.

Both pedals are available in pre-production form (TB Super is blaze blue colour, TB Deluxe is purple colour) until the end of November 2018 when the screen printed 2018 versions of both pedals will be available. The pedals can be powered either by 9V battery or 9V Adaptor.

Both pre-production pedals are available at the special discounted price of $AUD199.00 each plus shipping whilst stocks last.

Shipping to countries outside Australia by International Airmail costs $AUD55.00 and shipping within Australia by Express Post costs $AUD22.00

Please order through the Fryer Guitars webshop or contact me directly at

To order TB Super:

To order TB Deluxe:

From currency exchange comparison of 29 August 2018:

$AUD199.00 is approx equal to: $USD146.00  £GBP114.00  €125.00  ¥16,257.00




14th August 2018:

Coming soon in mid September 2018, the new 2018 version Treble Booster Deluxe and Treble Booster Super pedals handmade by Greg Fryer in Sydney Australia.

TB Deluxe is being made in Purple colour and is made to Greg Fryer’s improved 2014 Treble Booster Deluxe circuit which features the same harmonically rich sounding transistor used in the Treble Booster Super and Treble Booster Special pedals.

The TB Super 2018 is being made in Blaze Blue colour. The TB Super 2018 circuit and transistor is exactly the same as Greg’s handmade TB Supers made from 2014 onwards in the bare aluminium enclosure.

Because many guitarists have asked for the option of a 9V Adaptor socket as well as 9V battery, the TB Deluxe 2018 and TB Super 2018 will feature both a 9V Adaptor socket and a side mounted 9V Bulgin battery box.

Price of both pedals is $AUD250.00 each plus shipping and they will be available to order  from the Fryer Guitars webshop. Shipping to countries outside of Australia by International Airmail costs $AUD55.00 and shipping inside Australia by Express Post costs $AUD22.00 currency comparison from 14 August 2018:

$AUD250.00 =  $USD181.50   £GBP142.00   €160.00   ¥20,146

Pictured below is a prototype version of the TB Deluxe 2018. More photos soon in purple colour.


9th August 2018:

Photos from Jeroen Lips of the Netherlands of his Red Special rig with new pedals Treble Booster Special and Electrolead Tri-Splitter. Report and comments to come. For more gear pics and pics from a recent live outdoor concert please see:


17th June 2018: review of the 2018 Fryer Treble Booster Touring pedal by Marco Giuseppe Di Marco


10th June 2018:

Thanks to Sebastien Merlin for sending me about this photo from the ‘Party At The Palace’ held in 2002 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. In the photo my Red Special guitar ‘John’ which was made in 1996-97 for Brian May, sits just behind Paul. Brian joined Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker and many other well known singers and musicians onstage at this historical event.

Youtube video of the great Beatles song ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ from ‘Party At The Palace’ from which the screenshot above was taken at approx 46 seconds in:


23rd May 2018:

Now available for the first time since 2008 handmade by Greg Fryer, the Treble Booster Touring.

The 2018 Treble Booster Touring pedal is handmade to exactly the same circuit and sound as my Treble Booster Touring pedals and strap mount boosters made for Brian May and for general sale since 2001.

To order please see Fryer Guitars Webshop:

or email Greg Fryer at


28th February 2018:

A blast from the past: just found these photos from June 2007 of the beginnings of the Brian May Super guitar. Barry Moorhouse and Kazutaka Ijuin very kindly visited my workshop and held discussions over a couple of days to get the ball rolling with the ‘Brian May Super’ Red Special guitar project.

More details about the guitar here:


22nd February 2018:

Queen + Adam Lambert played Sydney again. What a show and what great playing and singing. Nice to see Brian playing ‘John’ and ‘George Burns’ out on stage again.

For pics please see


1st November 2016:

Pics from the two guitarists in the ‘We Will Rock You’ Australia production James Barber and Simon Croft:

James Barber and WWRY Australia guitar rig

James Barber and WWRY Australia guitar rig pedalboard and Vox AC10 ‘feedback amp’

Simon Croft and WWRY Australia guitar rig

Simon Croft and WWRY Australia guitar rig amps


2nd September 2014:

Brian's 'Treble Booster Super'

Brian’s ‘Treble Booster Super’

The ‘Treble Booster Super’ pedal above was specially made for Brian May and was given to him monday night 25th August in Sydney. We visited Brian and chatted for over an hour at his hotel in Circular Quay near the harbour bridge. It was great to catch up again and although the Q+AL tour has been gruelling and tiring Brian was his usual friendly and welcoming self, one of nature’s real gentlemen.

I showed Brian the new pedals that I had developed and also the drawings for a new guitar design of mine.

The TB Super is probably the best treble booster that I have made for playing through an AC30, same good olde Brian May treble booster circuit with a few tweaks here and there to suit a new transistor, and is using a transistor that I found a couple of years ago and immediately loved the sound of how it worked in the BM circuit. The transistor gives similar strength of output to the BC239C used in my TB Deluxe and TB Plus pedals, but delivers a nicer harmonic makeup and more richness of sound than the 239C. When Brian is back home after the tour we will be chatting more about this pedal and I will explore soon what the possibilities are for both handmaking and factory making this model.

Couldn’t resist taking this snap below of the harbour bridge lights at midnight after we left Bri’s hotel, it seemed so perfect, and I was chuffed to see the following day on that Bri had taken a similar shot on the sunday morning. That coathanger always makes a good photo

25th Aug 2014 circular quay and harbour bridge at midnight

25th Aug 2014: mystery blonde, circular quay and harbour bridge at midnight