Brian May Red Special Guitar

Photos and info about Brian May’s famous Red Special guitar, one of the great distinctive icons of the rock music world.

When time permits later in 2023-24 I hope to post many more of my photos of Brian’s unique beautiful Red Special guitar – which to my mind is one of the most innovative and clever electric guitars ever designed.

Recently I have been told about 2 YouTube videos about Brian May’s Red Special guitar. Both are well researched and presented.

This video on the 5 Watt World YouTube channel is well made and worth watching: ‘Brian May’s Red Special – A Short History’

The second video from the so-called ‘Secrets Of Rock’ YouTube channel, whilst not being as comprehensive as the first video (and like the first video, it also uses many of my own photos without bothering to give me a credit), is nevertheless very interesting and informative and provides good background regarding products Brian used in the making of his ground-breaking guitar.

Please see my webpage ‘Red Special Restoration 1998’:

Red Special restoration 1998

Please also see my webpage which features photos and videos of the 3 Red Special guitars ‘John’, ‘Paul’, and ‘George Burns’ which I made for Brian May in 1996-97:

An interesting look behind the Queen live touring scenes in Premier Guitar’s detailed rig rundown of Brian May’s live rig backstage at ‘Queen + Adam Lambert’ 2014: