Mayday testimonial and comments

Comments from Mayday pedal users:


12th August 2017:

Brian Hall, Melbourne, Australia:

Hi Greg,

Received the Mayday pedal, Wow fantastic very happy. The quality is outstanding.

I’m using a Burns RS, a TB Deluxe and a couple of Vox Pathfinders and the sound is amazing. Thank you so much.





24th Feb 2016:

Stefan Jonsson, Sweden:

Hi Greg!

I just wanna tell ya that the Mayday is fantastic and here’s a small Facebook clip to promote our upcoming gig:

Best regards,

Stefan Jonsson


3rd Feb 2016:

Manuel Vasquez, USA:

Thanks so much for these ingenious toys Greg! It’s a short clip, but I plan on properly recording the set up in the near future. I’ll send you that clip as well. I love the sustain and feedback from the pedal, and the chime like tone was there as well with the guitar volume at low settings.


13th Jan 2016:

Tatsumasa Sato, Japan:

Mayday and TB Super are excellent!

Tatsumasa Sato Mayday and t shirt pic


12th Jan 2016:

Paolo Catalano, Italy:

Hi Greg, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing Mayday pedal you built! I played my Strat into the Touring booster, Mayday and then into a Vox AC30…. it was an explosion!!!

Finally I’ve found the sound that I was looking for and I can play using only the guitar volume pot. Again thank you!

Cheers, Paolo


31st Dec 2015:

Satoshi Kumagai, Japan

Dear Mr.Fryer, hello and thanks from Japan! I received the package on Dec 22nd and have tried the pedal only for a few times, but I found it a fabulously great pedal that I’ve never had before. Its the best overdrive I’ve used, and drives my Vox Pathfinder 10 amp very well, even at low volume. There is no longer restriction of driving amps because of my tiny room!

The pedal works well with my handmade RS style replica guitar and treble booster (single BC239 stompbox). From very low guitar volume to full up, the sound smoothly changes from crunch, distortion, to warm and treble tube overdrive sound, that knocked me out!

Especially the ‘Range’ knob is very interesting for me. The ‘D’ footswitch is also great, which let me be one-person-orchestra! Thank you so much for the Mayday pedal, I love it! And thanks for the cool t-shirt!

Best Regards, Satoshi Kumagai


24th Dec 2015:

Kees van Ede, The Netherlands

What a fabulous pedal this is. It does everything I was looking for. I loved my guitar sound using the older Mayhem and Fryer Fuzz a lot, but compared to these pedals the Mayday makes it possible to control all sounds from the guitar itself. Sparkling tones at low volume, gradually creamy blending in the middle, and very smooth saturation at the maximum. What a rich sound. It is amazing how you improve your products each time again.
I think with the Mayday pedal you have created again an absolute must have for BM players.

Thank you so much,
Kees van Ede


10th Dec 2015:

Sebastiaan Frankel, The Netherlands

Hello Greg, I’m loving the Mayday, it sounds fabulous and gives me the sound I’m looking for! The directions you pointed out on your website were also very helpful. The only issue I have is setting up the middle amp (a Vox VR), but I’ve figured it out with some tinkering.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ve sent one of my rig.

With kind regards, Sebastiaan

Sebastiaan Frankel equipment

Sebastiaan Frankel equipment


6th Dec 2015:

Manuel Kellerman, Austria

Hi Greg! It’s here! It’s red! It’s awesome!!! From sparkly clean all the way to creamy distortion with that special mid-range content I like so much! And it’s amazing at how low a level I still get sustaining feedback. The switchable low end is so useful! (Range control: GF) I wonder if I can even find an amp this pedal doesn’t work with. This pedal solves a lot of problems for me like using just one amp with delay and modulation effects and all that at a reasonable volume entirely WITHOUT losing the tone! Thank you so much!
All the best, Manuel