Fryer/Di Marco Treble Booster

This new product hopefully will be available around late October/early November 2022:

The ‘Fryer/Di Marco Treble Booster’ is based on a prototype which I recently made for Marco Giuseppe Di Marco from Italy.

Marco uses the new booster mounted on his guitar strap, along with a Shure wireless unit. He is currently touring in Europe with his band “Queen On Fire”.

Please see:

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco 2022

This short video is from soundcheck on 12th August 2022. Marco describes the new treble booster and gives a quick rundown of his rig:

Marco’s prototype pedal uses my Treble Booster Touring circuit with a few custom touches. It has a handmade pcb which has a different layout to the standard TB Touring pedal, it also has a hand selected/tested transistor which is a little more powerful than usual, plus selected components and a few other nice handmade things.

The pedal uses a lightweight diecast aluminium box which is also suitable for mounting on a guitar strap.

I hope to have more photos, soundfiles and comments from Marco Giuseppe Di Marco to post soon.

Photos of the prototype:

As soon as I have more information and photos of the upcoming pedal I will post them here.

Once we have worked out the cost of producing this pedal and have estimated a final selling price, I will also post this information here.