Fryer/Di Marco Treble Booster

2nd February 2023:

Happy New Year to all, and an update about the new treble booster. Due to various things late last year its unfortunately taken me longer than anticipated to get the new prototypes completed and shipped off to Marco Giuseppe Di Marco in Italy for his appraisal.

2 of the latest prototypes were posted earlier this week and hopefully Marco will have them for testing in another 2 weeks. At the moment the project is kind of ‘on hold’ until we discuss things further after Marco uses the new prototypes live on stage and compares them to the original pedal.

This January 2023 diagram was kindly provided by Marco Giuseppe Di Marco

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco version Jan 2023 live guitar pedals and amp setup


The ‘Fryer/Di Marco Treble Booster’ is based on a prototype which I recently made for Marco Giuseppe Di Marco from Italy.

Marco uses the new booster mounted on his guitar strap, along with a Shure wireless unit. He is currently touring in Europe with his band “Queen On Fire”.

Please see:

Marco Giuseppe Di Marco 2022

This short video is from soundcheck on 12th August 2022. Marco describes the new treble booster and gives a quick rundown of his rig:

Marco’s prototype pedal uses my Treble Booster Touring circuit with a few custom touches. It has a handmade pcb which has a different layout to the standard TB Touring pedal, it also has a hand selected/tested transistor which is a little more powerful than usual, plus selected components and a few other nice handmade things.

The pedal uses a lightweight diecast aluminium box which is also suitable for mounting on a guitar strap.

I hope to have more photos, soundfiles and comments from Marco Giuseppe Di Marco to post soon.

Photos of the prototype: