Valves/Tubes For Sale

8th May 2022 update:

The majority of the new valves that I had listed for sale have now been sold – pending payment and collection this week from the buyer – so thank you if you looked at the list during the last 2 weeks. In the next few months when time permits I intend to put the other remaining vintage NOS and used valves/tubes on eBay in lots or groups.

Below are the remaining valves/tubes available. Please contact me if you are interested in any.

Valves/tubes for sale are from my own stock. The majority have been bought and collected from the late 1970s until the late 2000s.

Many of the valves listed below are part of the stock that I accumulated between 2003 and 2006 when I was rebuilding the 30-40 Vox AC30s of the We Will Rock You theatrical productions worldwide, and in 2005 when I built the 3 handmade Vox AC30s for Brian May. For each of those amps I personally tested new valves in my workshop in the completed amps at full volume stage levels before each amp was then shipped. There were many near new valves/tubes which were pulled out of the amps when they arrived for the rebuilding work, and were consequently put aside because I preferred to use my own stock of new valves/tubes in the completed amps.

There are also many new and used valves bought for my own Marshall and Vox amps over the years from the late 1970s.

All prices are in Australian Dollars $AUD and for currency comparison please see

Cheers, Greg Fryer


Valves/Tubes for sale  – Greg Fryer stock  8 May 2022:

Rectifier valves/tubes:

Fender amp rectifier valves:


RCA USA made, used: 1 pc   (estimated price $55.00 ea)


JAN Philips USA, used: 1 pc   (estimated price $35.00 ea)

Vox amp rectifier valves:


E-H bought in December 2009 from Tube Depot USA, brand new never used in original cartons: 6 pcs  (estimated price $33.00 ea)

GZ34/5AR4 for Vox AC30:

Vintage NOS:

Mullard Holland NOS GZ34/5AR4: 2 pcs new cond never used bought 1999 Watford Valves UK    (estimated price $125.00 ea)

Haltron GB NOS GZ34/5AR4 made by Mullard GB: 1 pc new cond never used bought 1999 Watford Valves UK   (estimated price $95.00 ea)

Toshiba Japan NOS GZ34/5AR4: 2 pcs new cond never used bought 1999 from Evatco Australia    (estimated price $70.00 ea)

Emergency spare:

Mullard GB GZ34/5AR4: 1pc bought 1999 from Watford Valves UK used in 2000 in Red Vox AC30 in workshop testing for several mths, was still working well but small ‘spits’ came through in sound, replaced in 2000   (estimated price $10.00 ea)

New GZ34/5AR4 rectifier valves bought in 1999-2006 never used in original cartons:

Harma ‘Diamond’ GZ34/5AR4 Russian tall glass bottle: 2 pcs tested but not used bought 1999 Watford Valves UK   (estimated price $30.00 ea)

Harma ‘Diamond’ GZ34/5AR4 STR Superior Grade Russian 1999 not used: 1 pc 1999 bought 1999 Watford Valves UK   (estimated price $35.00 ea)

Used GZ34/5AR4 rectifier valves:

Chinese GZ34/5AR4:  5 pcs  (estimated price $17.00 ea)

Emergency spares:

Sovtek GZ34/5AR4: 1pc used in workshop testing, is still working well but small ‘spits’ came through in sound.  (estimated price $5.00 ea)

Chinese 5AR4: 1 pc working well although base was slightly loose which I glued with epoxy resin  (estimated price $5.00 ea)

Power amp Valves/Tubes:

Marshall 100w and 50w amp power valves/tubes:


Mesa Boogie EL34 STR 416 NOS (made by either Sylvania or GE in USA ‘large boy bottle’) bought in 1986/87:

Mesa Boogie EL34 STR 416 NOS never used: 8 pcs still in original cartons brand new condition  (estimated price $125.00 ea)

Mesa Boogie EL34 STR 416:  Used in late 1980s/early 1990s in workshop Marshall 100w amp replaced 8 July 1992: 4 pcs very good condition (estimated price $80.00 ea)

Mesa Boogie EL34 STR 416:  Used in mid-late 1980s: 1 pc very good condition  (estimated price $80.00 ea)

Philips 6CA7/EL34 NOS: tall bottle classic Philips/Mullard valve with black base and single halo getter bought in 1980 from Radio House Sydney never used or even plugged into an amp: 1pc in original carton brand new condition. The second most sought after classic EL34 valve in the world according to – that I forgot for decades that I had in my collection and never used in my Marshall 100w amp because I didn’t have 3 others like it to make a quad, was made in either GB or Holland  (estimated price $130.00 ea)

Vox AC30 and AC15 EL84 power valves:

New EL84s:

Tesla Slovakia NOS (made in late 1980s/early 1990s before the company later became JJ Slovakia): 2 pcs obtained new and tested from Dave Petersen in 1998 at Brian May’s Allerton Hill studio, in brand new condition never used in my amps  (estimated price $30.00 each)

JJ Slovakia EL84: 1 pc in new condition bought 2004-05 for the WWRY amps. The JJ is a very good quality tube, robust and long lasting although sounds brighter less compressed and more ‘Fender-like’ in a driven Vox AC30 – in my opinion.  (estimated price $35.00 ea)

Ei EL84 valves in used condition:

[Background: Ei was situated in Belgrade, Serbia and bought the Philips Holland EL84 tooling in late 1960s/early 1970s. Their EL84 was identical in appearance to the Philips Holland product and very similar sounding]

To summarise, the Ei EL84s that I have are from a few sources:

a) Yamaha Australia mid 1990s stock (Yamaha were the then distributor of Vox). These valves were made by Ei in late 1980s/early 1990s and have standard pins and grey anode/plate with same appearance as the Philips EL84. [**SOLD OUT]

b) Late 1990s Ei standard pins grey plate from UK distributors such as Edicron, some were from Marshall/Korg stock from the Vox AC30 TBX amps bought for the We Will Rock You theatrical productions rebuilding work I did in 2003-2006. (These valves came with the 25-30 near new Vox AC30 TBX amps – obtained in 2004 from Korg USA – which were then rebuilt. The valves are near new and were replaced with my own new sets of tested valves once the AC30s were rebuilt for the WWRY shows)

c) Late 1990s ‘Ei Elite gold pin’. This version can be as good as the earlier grey plate standard pins version but often suffered from unreliability. Some Ei Elite Gold had grey plate/anodes although the latter production had silver plates/anodes. The ‘silver plate/anode’ valves were made during the Kosovo/Serbia/NATO conflict in 1998/99 and when material shortages began to bite on production quality, and the Ei EL84s and 12AX7s had silver plated anodes – presumably with shortages due to the war blockade the factory could not source the grey metal material to plate the anodes with and resorted to what appears to be nickel plating instead. (I do not have any silver plate/anode Ei EL84s in my collection because they were mostly rubbish).The quality of Ei valves at that time of warfare tended to be very unreliable and the Ei factory suffered bombing by NATO airstrikes – production of valves did not continue thereafter.

Used Ei EL84 valves in near new condition:

Ei EL84 with ‘Edicron UK branding’: grey plate standard pins 12 pcs  (estimated price $25.00 ea)

Ei EL84 Gold Elite: 4 pcs used near new and appear to be reliable and good – grey plate standard pins  (estimated price $15.00 ea)

NOS vintage used EL84s:

[Background: Mullard GB was fully owned by Philips Holland from 1927. The tooling and production of the EL84 valves manufactured in GB and Holland did change over the years, however the valves produced in these two countries were usually identical in appearance and quality. Mullard GB sometimes made valves for other British companies who had their logos printed on the glass]

Later in May 2022 I hope to run the NOS Mullard/Philips valves/tubes listed below and intend to make youtube videos showing them in operation in a Vox AC30 amplifier – run in similar way to the amps in the 2006 photo below which shows how I tested my completed rebuilt Brian May and WWRY AC30s.

Greg Fryer workshop in 2006 with Fryer Red Special guitar ‘Paul’ and rebuilt Vox AC30s being tested

Mullard GB: 1 pc looks in near new condition never used  (estimated price $55.00 ea)

Radiotron (made by Mullard GB): 1pc looks in near new condition never used (estimated price $55.00 ea)

Philips Miniwatt Holland: 2 pcs looks in near new condition never used (estimated price $55.00 ea)

Please note: I bought this set of 4 above in the 1990s but have never used them in an amp.  (Estimated price for the set of 4: $220.00)

Mullard GB: 3 pcs used. I bought these in the 1990s but have never used them in an amp. These appear to be from an earlier production than the Mullard/Philips NOS EL84s quad mentioned above and have single round holes in the middle of the grey anode/plate – a true classic valve with great vintage appeal.  (estimated price $75.00 ea)

Info from Tube Depot USA regarding Mullard EL84s:

“Mullard EL84 / 6BQ5 made in Britain are some of the most desirable EL84 in the world. Being made in Britain makes them Mullard made – usually Blackburn Works. They have a smoothness that just can’t be beat. Like listening to liquid music, these British made EL84 / 6BQ5 are the way to go. Pairs and quads are available, just ask at checkout. ($USD


Mullard EL84 tubes were made in both the old “shield” logo in white ink, and later the IEC/Mullard logo in white. They are rarer than Amperex, but worth seeking out. They are powerful, yet creamy, with a nice deep richness and warmth in the lower mids and bass. Mullard made these for GE, Raytheon, Admiral, and many other USA brands. They can be spotted by the seams on the top of the glass, “Great Britain” in white at the top or bottom, and the “B” code for the Blackburn factory at the bottom. Like the Amperex tubes, Mullard tubes are burned in at the factory, so even new ones have small “sooty” looking spots near openings in the plate. Just a few hours of use will make Mullard tubes get large sooty patches inside the glass. This in no way affects the life or sound of the tube. Many found today were “aged” at the factory or by hi-fi shops, and the sooty marks inside the glass is actually a sign of authenticity, as the fakes will not develop the dark marks. Again, watch for the 1950s versions with the square top getter, they are just great.”

Emergency spares EL84s:

Ei EL84: 9 pcs (gold Elite and also std pins grey plate)  (estimated price $20.00 ea)

Sovtek EL84M: 5 pcs (estimated price $20.00 ea)


Pre-amp valves/tubes for Vox, Fender and Marshall amps:

New 12AX7:

Sovtek 12AX7 WA: 1pc  (estimated price $25.00 ea)

Harma (Watford Valves UK selected house brand) STR Drive tested for low microphonics Russian short plate style: 2 pcs bought new 1999 not used  (estimated price $40.00 ea)

Svetlana ‘Winged C’ logo: 2 pcs one grey plate, one silver plate (estimated price $25.00 ea)

Chinese: new from Mike Hill in 2005 2 pcs  (estimated price $25.00 ea)

Used 12AX7:

Ei 12AX7: 17 pcs  (estimated price $15.00 ea)

Sovtek WA: 1 pc  (estimated price $15.00 ea)

Chinese 12AX7: 10 pcs  (estimated price $12.00 ea)


Used 12AU7:

Mullard yellow shield logo made in GB bought in early 1980s: 1 pc never used (estimated price $60.00 ea)

‘Mazda ECC83 made by BVA’ – English Mullard made early 1970s looks in new condition, never used: 1 pc  (estimated price $60.00 ea)

East German RFT late 70s/early 80s: 1 pc (estimated price $25.00 ea)

Ei: 7 pcs  (estimated price $15.00 ea)

Generic 12AU7s:

Russian: 1pc, plus one mystery Russian with ‘0009’ stamped from Marshall/Korg made TBX amps (this is a Marshall serial number stamping) (estimated price $15.00 ea once identity proven)

Ei made:  7 pcs of ‘20035’ stamped from Marshall made Vox AC30 TBX amps, could be either 12AX7 or 12AU7, these are Ei made late 1990s some with grey plates, some silver plates  (estimated price $15.00 ea once identity proven)


Chinese new selected from Penta Labs USA: 1 pc (estimated price $30.00 ea)