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28th May 2023:

Please note that I have updated this page with new information.

In the next few months I will be using both the Vox AC30 and Deacy Amp to help me develop new guitar effect pedals. Once the pedal designs are completed, both items will be up for sale. This page will be updated at that time, and barring unforeseen circumstances this is expected to be in late 2023.

In the meantime please contact me by email or telephone if you are interested in either the Fryer AC30 or Supersonic Deacy Amp. Cheers, Greg Fryer


Available late 2023: Vox AC30 handbuilt by Greg Fryer 2010-11

This wonderful sounding Vox AC30 is the second last AC30 that I handbuilt in the series of approx 35-40 Vox AC30s built from 2003-2012. It was built for a customer of mine in 2010-11 and has been used for live playing and studio recording since that time and has been kept in extremely good condition. In mid 2022 I was fortunate to be able to buy the amp back from the original owner. This person has stopped playing live in recent years and has focussed more on business and family life, and has built a very nice home studio and now needs smaller amps for his home recording use.

Please note: this AC30 is built for 230V-240V AC mains power of Australia/UK/Europe etc

Price: $AUD6500.00 plus shipping if required. (Price is in Australian Dollars, and this is approx equivalent on 20/04/2023 conversion rates to $USD4356.00;  3975.00 Euros;  3505.00 GBP;  586,839.00 Japanese Yen) Please see for currency exchange rates

27th Jan 2011 two identical Fryer AC30s being tested after rebuilding. Both amps had custom design Brilliant and Normal Channels

AC30 in the home studio

5th June 2022 custom made AC30 back in the fold again

I have many more photos of this AC30 during its rebuilding and will try to look through my records for them soon.

Background: In 2004 Brian May and I purchased from Korg USA over 30 Vox AC30 TBs and TBXs for the purpose of having them on hand in my Brookvale Sydney workshop for modification/ rebuilding to my custom We Will Rock You Production AC30 design. This led to some special variations in the amp design, such as the 3 Brian May AC30 custom designs that I built for Brian’s use in 2005.

The majority of these amps were handbuilt 100% to my own custom AC30 design which I drew up in 2003 and continued to modify and develop until around 2010. Some of the WWRY backup AC30s were only partially modified to a different less complex specification in order to provide a cheaper backup amp option to the WWRY Productions. The WWRY Productions main no 1 guitar amps were my 100% handbuilt Vox AC30.

The 100% handbuilt AC30s were very time consuming to build, used expensive handmade items such as custom design transformers, and the final result was expensive when sold to either the WWRY Productions, Brian May or to the small number of customers who  bought these amps from me. Occasionally people also sent their Vox AC30 to me for rebuilding to my specifications.

Please see further info about my custom Vox AC30 designs and building here:


Available late 2023: my own Manuel Angelini Supersonic Pro Deacy Amp:

Manuel Angelini needs no introduction to the Brian May/Queen Red Special community, and built this wonderful amp for me in 2022. It was delivered in January 2023 and is a wonderful and unique sounding amplifier, built by Manuel with great dedication to his art and with fine attention to detail.

The amp comes with Manuel’s adjustable power supply, which works fine with any country’s AC power handling an input voltage of between 100-240V AC; 50/60Hz. The adjustable power supply is outstanding in the sound that it delivers to the Deacy Amp.

The Supersonic Deacy Amp amp replica is a great sounding and is an utterly unique amp. Both the Supersonic Deacy Amp and Fryer AC30 are in extremely good condition.

For more background info on the legendary Deacy Amp, please see my page:

Manuel Angelini replica Deacy Amp #1

Doxyworld adjustable power supply set at 7.2V best sound so far

Price of Manuel Angelini Supersonic Pro Deacy Amp:

$AUD2350.00 plus shipping if required. (Price is in Australian Dollars and is approx equivalent on 20/04/2023 to $USD1575.00;  1438.00 Euros; 1268.00 GBP; 212,300.00 Japanese Yen)

Please see for currency exchange rates

Please contact me later in 2023 if you are interested in either amplifier.

Cheers, Greg Fryer